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UPDATE 11/13/2020:

Health inspections are still lagging due to good ol' COVID-19. It's to be expected.We will continue to anxiously anticipate our overdue inspections and permits.

In the meantime, we should let you know about us and what's to come:

*Everything we come up with is
Made With Great Love.
That means 100% locally sourced, ethical and sustainable. Not only are our foods good for your health, but they're good for the planet.

*Hot Sauces will become available before the pickles due to different types of permits being required. In case you didn't know, fermented, gut healthy pickles fall under greater scrutiny than vinegar-preserved pickles. We believe fermented are the best because they actually contribue to your health. The wait is worthwhile. 

* Wings and Shrimps Night! To start, once per month we'll be offering take out wings and Shrimp from our kitchen in Long Beach. These Delicacies will be enhanced by our hot sauces and pickles

* We are creating alliances with retailers in SoCal and are proudly batting 100% in our attempts to partner with businesses to carry Dynamo's Dills and Delicacies (hot sauces). More info to come on that!

*Sign up below for the mailing list so you can be the first to know what's coming at you!

Dynamo's Dills

Premium, naturally fermented sour dill pickles. Made with great love.

Based in Long Beach, California, Dynamo's Dills offers three variations of delicious fermented dills: Dynamo's Dills full sours, Dynamo's Dynamite Dills mildly spicy full sours, and Dynamo's Deadly Dills very spicy full sours. 

Dynamo's Delicacies

Delicious, Dynamite, Debilitating and Deadly

A collection of flavor-first hot sauces that don't compromise on the heat. Perfect for hot wings, tacos, pizza, or just about anything else! 

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