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Meat & Vino

901 E Wardlow Rd, Long Beach, CA 90807, USA


Meat & Vino

Meat & Vino Market was established to elevate the choices you have in Long Beach and surrounding cities with the highest quality meats and wines. Here you'll be able to shop for your prime beef and fish along with premium wines, craft beers, cheeses and charcuterie. Exceptional meals are more than feeding your hunger, we feel a great meal can feed your soul. Meat and Vino is your one stop to find the perfect pairing of meat and wine for that special occasion. Our staff is here to educate you on your choices so your meals not only feed your hunger but also tell a story. Whether you choose your signature cut or want to try a new cut of meat, our butcher will recommend the best preparation to bring out the subtle nuances in whatever you choose.

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