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Made With Great Love

When it comes to pickles, we at Dynamo's Dills believe that the time-honored, natural fermentation preservation process delivers not only the best tasting pickles, but the healthiest. Lacto-Fermentation supports the growth of probiotics that are good for gut health and your immune system making our Premium Dill Pickles a well-rounded, delicious and healthy snack. Our pickles are available in three varieties: Traditional garlic, Dynamite or Deadly spicy. 

Our full sour dills receive rave reviews!

Dynamo's Delicacies Premium Small Batch Hot Sauces are all crafted to deliver a beautifully balanced flavor profile without compromise on heat. Our founder, chief pickle and sauce artist, Ben "Dynamo" Harrison, having experienced countless disappointments in sauces that deliver flavor but no heat or heat but no flavor, began his mission to save the world from that let down - one Devourer at a time.

It's important to us to be a responsible member of our community. We're officialy a California Certified Green Business. Our products are made in a green-certified, sustainable kitchen in Long Beach, California. We use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Our labels are made with plant-based materials and inks. Our wearables are all eco-friendly. We even incentivize our local customers to return empty jars for reuse. All in an effort to minimize our footprint on this precious planet.

Be good to yourself, your neighbors, and your planet. Live with great love.

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